Sitiawan 实兆远


The proposed hotel is to be situated on freehold title held under Geran 57777 Lot 2, Pekan Simpang Empat, Daerah Bagan Datuk, Negeri Perak measuring approximately 2,500 square feet.

The proposed hotel is a 5 storey boutique hotel with 39 rooms. The hotel will be equipped with a state-of-the-art intelligent system. All rooms can be accessed using the customer’s smart phone with a designated code.

Guests can control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, and music, schedule wake-up scenes, request valet service, and more— from one intuitive remote. Upon check-in, the system triggers an “Occupied” room state, adjusting the temperature to an ideal level as guests head to their room. As guests enter for the first time, the “Welcome” scene is activated: lights turn on, music plays, drapes open, and the TV displays a personalized greeting welcoming guests to the room. A customized experience provides a unique, luxurious visit. Guests can schedule a “Wakeup” scene that gradually opens the drapes and turns on the news, or music, rather than waking to the shrill of an alarm clock or phone call. Sensors detect guest occupancy and turn off lights and set thermostats accordingly to reduce energy waste. In addition, a one-touch “Green” button makes it easy for guests to opt-in to the hotel’s earth-friendly program.



拟议中的酒店将以永久业权的名称拥有,面积为2500平方英尺,位于霹雳州Geran 57777 Lot 2,Pekan Simpang Empat,Daerah Bagan Datuk。




Location 位置

Sitiawan (alternate spelling: Setiawan; origin: from Malay, a portmanteau of Setia Kawan, meaning “Loyal Friend”) is a region in Manjung District, Perak, Malaysia. The region covers an area of 331.5 square kilometers (128.0 sq mi). Recent intense development on transportation routes between Lumut, Seri Manjung and Sitiawan along the Dindings river have brought both prosperity and pollution to what was once a relatively quiet town. The primary industries within Sitiawan are rubber and Rubber glove manufacturing, palm oil, mineral ore, fishing, prawn farming and shipbuilding.

Sitiawan also is known for the Tua Pek Kong temple which is located about 15 minutes from the town, this temple has monumental statues and structure that are quite amazing. Lots of Chinese deities in a garden-like atmosphere in a large compound facing the Pasir Panjang seashore.

The temple occupies a vast piece of land separated into different segments; the temple of course, where prayers are carried out, the food stalls and retail outlets selling everything from souvenirs, paintings to confectioneries, the main ground where the humongous structures are built facing the sea and even a kids’ playground of sorts where the young ones can even zorb or waddle in a pool!

There is a separate section named Monkey Garden with a raised platform leading to the end of the swamps for sunset-viewing purposes.



实兆远(Sitiawan)(替代拼写:Setiawan;起源:来自马来人,Setia Kawan的港口名称,意思是“忠实的朋友”)是马来西亚霹雳州Manjung区的一个地区。该地区占地面积331.5平方公里(128.0平方英里)。最近在天定河(Dinding River)沿岸的红土坎,斯里曼戎和实兆远之间的运输路线的迅猛发展给曾经是一个相对安静的小镇带来了繁荣和污染。实兆远的主要产业是橡胶和橡胶手套制造业,棕榈油,矿物矿石,渔业,虾养殖和造船。

实兆远也以大伯公庙而闻名,距市区约15分钟路程,这座庙宇的巨大雕像和结构令人叹为观止。许多中国神灵在花园般的氛围中,坐落在面对巴西班让(Pasir Panjang)海滨的大院子里。