Introduction 简介


Asiapez is the brainchild of Ting Teck Sheng. He decided to start this Association after being in the finance sector for the 12 years. In the course, he came across many businesses and technologies which have great potential but may not be able to expand it and bring it to a new height as they are short of resources. With the formation of this Association, he hopes to bring together all businessmen and entrepreneurs from various sectors on a common platform to learn from each other and to align ourselves to bring a positive environment to the economy.

He is of the opinion that if we are able to learn and work together, we will be brilliant and in the process, we will definitely bring a positive impact for our company and the economy.

He hopes that all businessmen and entrepreneurs alike are able to come together on a common platform to network and showcase their company, skills, products and services. This will enable better communication and bring a better understanding among all businessmen and entrepreneurs of their respective sectors.

Charity is also a pillar that cannot be left out. Our Association continually do CSR projects while providing an optimum environment for all members of our Association.





慈善也是不可忽视的支柱。我们的总商会将不断地开展企业社会责任项目(CSR Projects),同时为商会的所有成员提供最佳的环境。