Mission 使命


1. To attract more entrepreneurs and businesses especially SMEs (small medium enterprises) to join our platform

2. To encourage collaboration and networking among members

3. To educate and assist members in their businesses

4. To provide a wide networking base for members both locally and overseas

5. To achieve 10,000 members within 3 years

6. To cultivate goodwill, understanding and unity among members and the business community


1. 吸引更多的企业家和企业,尤其是中小型企业(SME)加入我们的平台

2. 鼓励成员之间的合作和联网

3. 教育和协助会员开展业务

4. 为本地和海外成员提供广泛的网络基础

5. 在三年内达到10,000名成员

6. 在成员和企业界之间培养善意,理解和团结