Objectives 目标


1. To unite and align all businesses and entrepreneurs in whatsoever industry and to fight for the rights and interests of all businesses while aligning all our members at all levels.

2. To cultivate and increase a spirit of goodwill, understanding and unity among our members.

3. To hold activities which will assist in networking, working together to increase communication among the members for the benefit and betterment of the members and the Association.


1. 团结和统一所有行业中的所有企业和企业家,为所有企业的权益而奋斗,同时使我们所有级别的所有成员保持一致。

2. 在我们的成员之间培养和增强善意,理解和团结的精神。

3. 举办有助于网络交流的活动,共同努力增加会员之间的交流,以使会员和协会受益并得到改善。