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The Asia Pacific Investment Trade Economic Zone Association, abbreviated as the "Asiapez Association", is a platform for international business exchanges, where businessmen and entrepreneurs can gather and communicate with each other. The role of Asiapez is mainly to recruit members.

The members recruited on this platform are businessmen, entrepreneurs, and enterprises from all walks of life, local and abroad, and from international markets. Of course, Asiapez particularly welcomes SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to join this platform and become members. It is Asiapez's mission that this platform can assist its members in all aspects, to actively and continuously create and expand their business territory.

During the exchanges between members, everyone can be involved to discuss and support each other, forming a strong team. As the saying goes, "Unity is strength". This unity force will become bigger and stronger over time.

With this huge force and strength backing, the struggles and burdens of many businessmen, enterprises, and entrepreneurs, who in the past have been struggling to survive all alone in the wind and rain, can be lightened; empowering them to face and overcome various severe tests, such as the financial crisis during the current pandemic.

Businessmen, enterprises and entrepreneurs can share their wisdom and experience on this platform on how they are able to overcome many problems. More importantly, they can obtain the most effective and extensive publicity, allowing many participating companies and entrepreneurs to earn a name for themselves in the international business world, locally and abroad, which in turn will enable them to increase their sales performance in a short period of time.

This is undoubtedly good news for young entrepreneurs who have just joined the bandwagon recently. The business exchange activities on this platform can assist them to reduce the wrong paths that they would have taken in starting a business; thus saving them time, riding the wind and waves while laying the foundation for entrepreneurship, enabling them to make extraordinary achievements in sales, and become a successful businessman or entrepreneur in a shorter period, Of course, the Asiapez Association is also a useful platform for experienced businessmen, companies, and entrepreneurs as a platform for exchanges and sharing. With such a large network, they are able to build and establish their performance rapidly, which will not only assist them to ride over the economic crisis, but also allow them to re-establish business confidence.

Asia Pacific Investment Trade Economic Zone Association was established in 2018. It has only been a few short years since its establishment but it attracted countless small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs from various fields, both locally and abroad, and received their enthusiastic support and response. This shows that the hard work done by Asiapez has been affirmed by all its participating member.

Of course, for all the effort and hard work done, the happiest and most satisfying thing to see is that the enterprises and entrepreneurs who participated in Asiapez have not only become more and more.

Outstanding in their business performance, but at the same time have also expanded their business landscape with increasing large investment projects. Asiapez members, in their respective business investment projects consists of businesses, enterprises, and entrepreneurs from different industries which include construction, industrial, agriculture, biotechnology, education, insurance, tourism, Malaysia My Second Home project, and business commerce and shopping. In addition, it also includes various management systems and industries in different fields.

Under the management system, there are hotel management and transportation and logistics management. As for industry, there are aviation industry, scientific engineering industry, mathematics industry, and university syllabus materials. As for other service-type companies, they are payment solutions services, safe deposit boxes and various other service industries.

To cultivate, incubate and integrate more entrepreneurs and businesses to create an integrated financial eco-system
  • To unite and align all businesses and entrepreneurs in whatsoever industry and to fight for the rights and interests of all businesses while aligning all our members at all levels.
  • To cultivate and increase a spirit of goodwill, understanding and unity among our members.
  • To hold activities which will assist in networking, working together to increase communication among the members for the benefit and betterment of the members and the Association.
  • To attract more entrepreneurs and businesses especially SMEs (small medium enterprises) to join our platform
  • To encourage collaboration and networking among members
  • To educate and assist members in their businesses
  • To provide a wide networking base for members both locally and overseas
  • To achieve 10,000 members within 3 years
  • To cultivate goodwill, understanding and unity among members and the business community
People Supports Us for the Cause
To Bring A Positive Environment To The Economy.

  • Exhibitions, expos and any other events to showcase members’ products and businesses
  • Seminars and workshop
  • Annual Gala Dinners
  • Charity Nights
  • Events to promote networking among members
  • All other activities which may be beneficial to the Associations and members

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Established in 2018, a platform for international business exchanges (businessmen, entrepreneurs and enterprises).

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